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Corporate Treatment


Hurried lifestyle and stressful work life bring us to have lack of exercise, lack of sleep, or poor diet. All these can cause common symptoms like dizziness, headache, backache, etc. or even office syndrome. Recently many business leaders are considering massage more as a necessity just like workouts and healthy diet. Not only massage help to bring relaxation, calm and clearer mind. This help make us to feel better, refreshed, reboot our mind and body. Also, as office workers, sitting at the desks for long hours in same position without regular movement, suffering from neck, shoulder and back pain, As a result, many executives have recently become interested in massage as an essential item for themselves and their employee. More and more companies started to provide workplace massage to their staff as part of the routine which will help them to perform better, more productive to their work, become healthier and reduce sickness. Corporate Workplace Massage can be an effective and rapid treatment for reducing physical stress, or muscle tension for just 5 – 10 mins because the massage target directly at the employee body problem areas and right at where the stress and tension starts.


To make your products or services stand out from the crowd and more involve your customer by creating positive feeling to impressing them, short session of massage treatment is your perfect choice. We experienced working with PR company for exhibition stand or products launching.


Great idea for your special occasions like big birthday treat, hen do, girl night in, etc. Be relaxed and indulgence in your own space cause we will bring treatment for your door.

Corporate Treatments

Ban Chang, we offer services for workplace, corporate event for business, and private events. The treatment involves massage to the head, neck, shoulder, upper and lower back, arms and hands. The session can be 5 - 10 minutes treatment long and it has powerful energy and gives real effective benefit. The treatment works on significant areas of the body where stress affects major muscle groups and it often brings immediate relaxation and the efficiency of the circulatory and lymphatic systems improves.

1. Head Massage

2. Head, Neck  & Shoulder Massage

3. Shoulder, Arms, & Hands Massage

4. Arm & Hand massage